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About Tabula Rasa

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Welcome to Tabula Rasa Counseling, PLLC. We are a collective made up of complex trauma specialists. We believe in healing the person, not the diagnosis, however, common diagnoses used to describe who we focus on are often referred to as Complex PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder and Dissociative Disorders. These are commonly rooted in attachment wounds in our early childhood that cause us to use defense mechanisms that do not feel like they come from the core of who we are.


We are all trained and certified (or working towards certification) in EMDR to target the root of the problem while focusing on creative and progressive approaches to fit your individual needs. Each one of us has something unique to offer in this process, as well as knowledge in other areas. We dedicate our work in healing others by engaging as a collaborative team that is continuously learning and sharing our knowledge with each other and our community. We learn together. We grow together. And we are honored to walk beside you on your journey towards a life of hope and happiness.


Our Values

We are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and affirming space where diversity thrives and every individual is celebrated for their unique identity. With a deep respect for the richness of human experience encompassing gender, ethnicity, culture, spiritual beliefs, and sexual orientation, we honor the inherent dignity and worth of each person who walks through our doors.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and accountability, prioritizing the well-being and trust of our clients above all else. Through ongoing education, training, and supervision, we continuously strive to enhance our knowledge and skills, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality of care grounded in evidence-based practices and best-in-class methodologies. With integrity as our guiding principle, we maintain transparency, honesty, and authenticity in all our interactions, honoring the sacred trust placed in us by our clients. 

At the heart of our work is a commitment to social justice, advocating for equity, fairness, and inclusivity in all areas of society. We believe in the transformative power of compassion, extending kindness, understanding, and empathy to all those we serve. Through our advocacy efforts, we strive to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, challenging systemic injustices and working towards a more just and equitable world. Our ultimate goal is empowerment—to empower individuals to reclaim their agency, to embrace their authentic selves, and to navigate their journeys of healing and self-discovery with courage and resilience.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Clinical Excellence & Integrity

Social Justice, Advocacy, & Empowerment

In everything we do, we are guided by our values—values that compel us to create positive change, promote healing, and uplift the human spirit. We are more than just clinicians; we are allies, advocates, and champions of human dignity and social progress. 

Tabula Rasa, meaning "blank slate" in Latin, is a concept famously expounded upon by the philosopher and empiricist John Locke. Locke proposed that the human mind begins as a blank slate, devoid of any innate knowledge, and that all understanding and ideas are acquired through sensory experiences. I chose this name for my practice to evoke the powerful imagery of returning to this state of pristine emptiness—the mind unmarked by the scars of trauma, free from the weight of past experiences. It symbolizes the profound potential for renewal and transformation, the opportunity to start afresh and redefine our narratives. Tabula Rasa embodies the belief that within each of us lies the capacity to be the architect of our own story, to rewrite our past, and to shape our future according to our own truths and aspirations.


At Tabula Rasa, we believe in the inherent resilience of the human spirit and the capacity for growth and healing. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing space for individuals to embark on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through compassionate support and evidence-based therapeutic modalities, we guide our clients in uncovering their inner strengths, reclaiming their agency, and cultivating a sense of wholeness and authenticity. Our approach honors each individual's unique experiences and fosters a collaborative partnership in navigating the complexities of healing and personal growth. Together, we embark on a transformative journey towards liberation from the constraints of past traumas and towards the fulfillment of our true potential. Tabula Rasa is not just a name—it's a symbol of hope, renewal, and the infinite possibilities that lie within each of us.

Tabula Rasa, the "Blank Slate"

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