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Meet the Therapists

Peter Steele, LPCC

Bilingual | Under Clinical Supervision by Cara Czarnecki


It is difficult to be human.


Our inner worlds are complex and filled with what can feel like warring impulses. Some parts of us long for connection while others push us toward the safety of isolation. Some parts hurt and want things to be different, while others fear change and fight against it.


Peter approaches therapy with an appreciation for this complexity, and a belief that the warring parts within us can harmonize in common cause when their inner wisdom is more fully understood.


Therapy, for Peter, is not just a means of symptom reduction but an experiential relationship through which client and counselor journey together into what is most important, tragic, and life giving in a person's experience.


Peter is trained in EMDR and Internal Family Systems informed. He works through the lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, and Existentialism and strives to marry these clinical modalities with a poetic vision that believes with Erving Polster that "every person's life is worth a novel".


Awe for the depths of the human psyche has lead Peter to study the mystery of the person from numerous vantage points. He has obtained masters degrees in counseling, spirituality, and pastoral theology, with an undergraduate degree in philosophy. He is also bilingual in English and Spanish.


While therapy will not prevent life from being difficult, Peter works with the hope that it can help make our past bearable and useful for inspiring us toward the life we desire to create in the present.  

Currently accepting new clients: Yes

My Languages

English & Spanish

My Methods & Modalities

Interpersonal Neurobiology

EMDR Certified

Polyvagal Theory

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed

Existential Therapy

My Specialties



Spirituality & Religion

Mood Disorders

Religious Trauma


Crisis of Meaning

My Rates

Individual Session (55 min) - $125

Individual Session (85 min) - $187


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