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Tabula Rasa Counseling provides accessibility to expert mental health care with specialized treatment for C-PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and dissociative disorders. We are a group of private pay specialists, passionate about working with complex trauma cases. We work with the community by working together with educational consultants that need more care, offering support and advocacy for these underserved populations, and expanding our knowledge through collaborating and contributing consultation with others in our field. Our intention is to grow a practice of specialists offering a variety of fine tuned practices focusing on these populations through a trauma based lens and bringing creative, progressive and evidence based  modalities into the EMDR healing process. We learn together. We grow together.

Full-Time Fully Licensed Outpatient Therapist

Full-Time Pre Licensed (LPCC) Outpatient Therapist

Full-Time Art Therapist - Pre licensed (LPCC) or Fully Licensed



  • Current and in good standing State of Colorado full licensure (LPC, LMFT, LCSW) or Pre licensed LPCC

  • Authorized to work in the United States 

  • Availability to engage in 25 hours of client appointments per week

  • Ability to become EMDR basic trained shortly upon hire 

  • Agrees to take Advanced EMDR trainings towards certification that entails direct work with this population (may include parts work with EMDR, Dissociation, BPD, etc)

  • Will continue to work towards EMDR Certification and will complete within 2.5 years of basic training 

  • Some experience working with and drive to learn how to navigate complex trauma cases

  • If Art Therapist, Masters degree in Art Therapy


  • Basic Trained or Certified in EMDR

  • 4+ years post graduate mental health experience 

  • 2+ years experience working directly with complex trauma and learning to navigate complex cases

  •  IFS / Ego States / Parts Work Informed

  • Basic understanding of somatic therapies

  • Some experience working with dual diagnosis and personality disorders, and/or dissociative disorders

  • If Art Therapist, Registered (Minimum Masters in Art Therapy)

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